How Does My Donation Make A Difference?

Donations make up 33% of SALSA’s operational budget


provides for the preparation of one single will for a low-income veteran or senior.


prevents a family from being evicted by their landlord.


allows SALSA to serve 6 clients at a Small Estate Clinic.

Extended Representation

It costs SALSA approximately 

$500 to support 

each attorney matched to an extended representation case.

This leverages approximately 

$3,000 worth 

of donated legal services on an average case.

Who Benefits From My Donation

Help next-of-kin obtain guardianships for adults with a disability and children whose parents cannot care for them.

Work to prevent homelessness, halt illegal evictions, and keep people in their homes by obtaining clear title.

Assist veterans with accessing critical benefits and obtaining upgrades to their discharge characterization.

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