Tomas Rivera – AT&T Scholarship Recipient

One of the best parts of volunteering with SALSA is getting to know the next generation of lawyers. We have been fortunate to have an outstanding law student working with SALSA during the Spring Semester – Mr. Tomas Rivera. Tomas was assigned to SALSA’s Tenants’ Rights program after being selected as the recipient of a scholarship made possible by a generous donation from AT&T, a longtime supporter of pro bono in San Antonio.

The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reverberate through our community and landlord/tenant issues are in state of flux as we approach the end of the Center for Disease Control’s Eviction Moratorium. Tomas has faced this tremendous uncertainty head-on and has been a calming and reassuring voice for SALSA’s clients that are seeking to find solutions in the midst of a very chaotic environment. We could all benefit from reading and reflecting on Tomas’ views on pro bono service, which are shared below:

“Pro bono service has made a profound impact on me, both emotionally and professionally. It has centered me and given me purpose. These projects remind me that law without service can never bring justice. There is always a human element and the chance to help empowers me to be a better student and future attorney. Without pro bono opportunities available to society, the most marginalized and vulnerable people would be left on their own. And now, more than ever with the advent of economic instability and health crises arising out of the pandemic, the need for accessible legal services for all—not just the destitute—demands a compassionate legal field.”

Thank you, Tomas, for your service to those in need in our community. We appreciate everything you’ve done!

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