We look forward to having you volunteer, providing assistance to indigent, vulnerable, and at-risk members of our community.  

Please utilize this page to access links, forms, and educational materials. If you have questions or need additional assistance during your experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to a SALSA staff member. 

Catholic Charities – Court Monitoring Program

This program requires volunteers to visit and assess the condition of individuals who have been placed under a guardianship. Volunteers through this program will not only assist the Court, but assist with ensuring the safety of those under a guardianship. Information regarding what a guardianship is, what a guardianship requires, and what a volunteer through the Court Monitor Program is required to do can be found here:

Also, you will be required to complete a volunteer application and background check. To apply, please click here: https://ccaosa.org/get-involved.

Lastly, you will need to watch training videos provided by Caritas about the court monitoring process, expectations, and tips and tricks: 

Court Monitor Orientation

APS Training

If you’ve watched the training video and have additional questions, there will be periodic follow-up live remote Q&A sessions hosted in conjunction with Caritas. Please check the SALSA Calendar to see our upcoming Q&A opportunities. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to a SALSA staff member. 

To volunteer, you may sign-up through SALSA’s website: Non-attorney Volunteer Opportunities


Catholic Charities requires all volunteers first complete the Office of Victim Assistance and Safe Environment (OVASE) trainings. These trainings are mandatory and must be completed before volunteering through the program. The trainings are valid for three (3) years and valid at any Archdiocese affiliated location.

Here is a link to the OVASE training instructions provided by Catholic Charities:


There are several forms you’ll want to familiarize yourself with before the guardianship visit. This way, you’ll know what to ask ahead of time, and you’ll be prepared if anything out of the ordinary stands out to you. These forms may also be required to be completed and returned to the court.

Court Monitor Report

This form will be used by volunteers to document their visit with the ward. You will need to review this document prior to your visit to ensure you know what to look for and ask. The last part – Oath of Court Monitor – will be completed by the volunteer upon completion of the visit/observation. This document will not be signed until you turn the report in to Catholic Charities.

Duties of the Court Monitor

Used by volunteers as a guide to ensure all necessary tasks are completed.

Rights of Ward

Legal explanation of the powers and duties of the guardians and, most importantly, the rights of the ward. (Espanol)

Court Monitor Guide

Printable guide with information from the PowerPoint to assist and refresh volunteers on expectations and duties.

Annual Report Packet

This packet is provided to the Guardian to assist with completing the mandatory annual report.

We appreciate the time and energy our volunteers put into assisting individuals in the community. For more information about the programs we offer or other volunteer opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to provide equal access to justice, regardless of ability to pay! ​



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