Call for Volunteers to Assist Clients with Eviction Appeals

Most individuals facing eviction are not represented at their eviction hearing, which often results in unfair outcomes. That is why SALSA’s Housing and Homelessness Program is at Justice of the Peace Court 1 every Tuesday and Thursday to assist tenants who have received an eviction judgment understand their rights and obligations moving forward, including their right to appeal the eviction judgment and the appeal process.  

Here’s some basics about our newest volunteer experience:


JP 1 Precinct 1 Courthouse 3505 Pleasanton Rd. San Antonio, TX 78221  

When? What? 

  • Tuesdays, 2–5PM, review appeal paperwork and provide guidance on how to file the appeal paperwork with the clerk. 
  • Thursdays, 8AM–5PM, explain the appeal process and discuss tenants’ options and community resources that may be available to them.  Every Thursday, JP1 holds eviction dockets. The eviction dockets start at 8:30AM, 10:00AM, 1:30PM, and 3:00PM. Volunteers are free to sign up for any (or all) dockets based on their availability.  

Do I Need Prior Experience?

Absolutely not. This area of law is relatively simple to learn. SALSA has training resources available and on-site mentor assistance from SALSA’s Housing & Homelessness Staff Attorney.

For more information on volunteering at JP1 or to sign up, please email or visit to sign up on our Events Calendar.  

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