Bilingualism and Translation Services in Pro Bono

We have recently seen an increase in Spanish-speaking applicants for legal services with SALSA. This increase has become apparent in all our programs and clinics, but it has especially shown in our Wills Program, our Small Estate Clinics, and our Housing Program. We do our best to serve every qualifying applicant, as we never want language to be a barrier to receiving quality legal services. We constantly seek bilingual volunteers, both attorneys and non-attorneys, to help meet the needs of this population.

We have had a number of non-attorney volunteers register to serve as translators for our English-speaking attorneys. This service has proven incredibly helpful when attorneys draft estate plans for clients or small estate affidavits. Translation services from our non-attorney volunteers have also been helpful during Will signing ceremonies.

Christina Austin, one of our non-attorney volunteers, has attended many of our Will signing ceremonies to translate the signing process and help us answer questions the clients might have during signing. Because of her service, her patience, and her kind demeanor, the clients have always walked away from the Wills signings with smiles – happy that they have their complete estate plan drafted by their dedicated volunteer attorney, and happy with the quality of experience they had at the signing ceremony.

SALSA strives to provide continued bilingual services to our clients. If you speak Spanish or any other language fluently and wish to volunteer with SALSA, please register with us here: SALSA Volunteer Form

Thank you for making a difference! We look forward to working with you!

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