Spirit of Service: Why I Give Back Through SALSA

By: Tashawna Taylor-Hall, SALSA Pro Bono Coordinator

I was going to be the lead singer of Destiny’s Child. Or at least that’s what I told all my friends in sixth grade. My life obviously went in a different direction. These days I spend most of my time picking up my phone to listen to a veteran in crisis that needs to speak with an attorney instead of picking up the mic. I help create informative briefings to recruit attorney volunteers to take a case pro bono in lieu of preparing my bags to hop to yet another country…for the third time in a month. Although I’m not authorized to provide legal advice, I know that my professional contribution and open ears may help someone in need, which brings me joy and satisfaction.  

I continue to work in the pro bono sector because I truly believe that SALSA is providing a benefit to the community that might otherwise not be available. Every year we receive and respond to hundreds of pro bono requests for aid in varying legal areas. So, I feel like I didn’t completely abandon my dream; Beyoncé received the royal title of Queen and I get that feeling of nobility when I’m helping a veteran on hospice plan and prepare his last wishes. Jana Stanfield said, “I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.” That’s why I continue to work/support pro bono efforts with SALSA. My wish is that I continue to see you out there with me. 

Register for an upcoming Veterans’ Legal Advice Clinic on SALSA’s Event Calendar or sign up to extended representation by going here to take a case.

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