Why I Give Back: Sam Davis

“It has been a privilege to work with SALSA’s staff. I never regret taking pro bono cases because I know that many clients would be unable to afford legal services otherwise. I’m grateful that my parents instilled in me the importance of service and volunteerism from an early age.” – Sam Davis

At SALSA’s Volunteer Appreciation Happy Hour on Tuesday, September 29, 2021, we recognized Sam Davis as SALSA’s Volunteer of the Quarter.

A native San Antonian, Sam studied law at St. Mary’s University, where he earned his JD in 2010 and now specializes in guardianship, probate, and estate planning. He worked at Catholic Charities for 4 years before returning to private practice last year.

Sam has been volunteering with SALSA for many years. He has taken on numerous Wills cases, including assisting a client during SALSA’s Wills for Healthcare Workers Program in 2020, and has also generously volunteered on several extended representation guardianship cases.

Many guardianship cases that come to SALSA include parents seeking guardianship of the person over their children with disabilities, who have recently turned eighteen and become adults under the law, but who cannot care for themselves. Guardianship of the person is essential for the continued care of these young adults.

Last year, Sam helped a mother obtain letters of guardianship, which allowed the mother to make decisions regarding proper medical care for her daughter. Sam is currently volunteering on a guardianship case for a mother with 3 disabled children, the oldest of whom has recently turned eighteen, and because she is immobile, non-vocal, and completely depends on her mother for basic needs, she requires letters of guardianship. With Sam’s help, this mother will be able to have court authority to continue to provide the best care for her daughter.

Sam also made time to mentor a young attorney on her first guardianship case, including reviewing the case, providing advice about pleadings, going over strategy for the hearing, and attending the hearing to provide support – all of which landed a successful outcome for the young attorney and the indigent client.

Because of Sam’s strong belief in and dedication to pro bono work, SALSA’s clients are moving closer towards the reality of equal access to justice for all. Sam is an incredible advocate and an example to follow, and we are honored to work with him so regularly.

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