Why I Give Back – Alexander Dominguez

Alexander Dominguez has always had an interest in serving his community. A graduate of St. Mary’s University School of Law, Alexander specializes in personal injury, real estate, and probate law with the Dilley Law Firm. A longtime advocate for women, children, and those in need, Alexander balances his practice with an enthusiastic pro bono commitment. “I’ve always wanted to be an attorney for the people. I am happy to be a resource.”

Alexander began volunteering with SALSA through the Wills and Estates Clinic prior to the pandemic and has become more involved since. His pro bono engagement has adapted as the pandemic progressed. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alexander lent his expertise in estate planning, assisting many frontline and healthcare workers. “The need was nonstop, and I often found myself working around the clock to ensure I was providing the best services possible to those working on the frontline.”

Alexander says volunteering has humbled him and proven to him he is in the right profession to better his community. Alexander takes pride in his pro bono work and is always willing to lend a hand. As tenants began falling behind in rent, he was able to successfully postpone evictions, negotiate new agreements with landlords, and provide resources to assist clients as they worked on getting back on their feet. He is motivated to find a solution for all of his clients and has adapted his practice to be more accessible to meet the increasing pro bono need.

Despite a turbulent year, Alexander has found inspiration through his volunteer opportunities. “Seeing how grateful frontline workers were and the camaraderie of the San Antonio legal community has really stuck with me.” Alexander shared a particularly rewarding case he recently worked on. The client was facing an eviction and just about every possible resource was exhausted. He was able to successfully find a resolution for his client who was a single mother with children trying to get through the Pandemic. “I was extremely happy I could tell my client I reached an agreement on her behalf that would prevent her children from experiencing an eviction and having their belongings thrown in the front yard. Without Mr. Gonzalez and the rest of the SALSA team, this would not have been possible. They provided constant support and the necessary tools to assist my client.”

There’s no sign Alexander is taking a break soon in his pro bono work. “Looking at my history, I’ve always had a soft spot to advocate on behalf of women and children. In the future, I’d like to continue advocating on their behalf, but on a much larger scale. I’ll always take on a hard case. I’ve got kind of a David and Goliath approach.”

Alexander had this to share for attorneys interested in incorporating more pro bono work into their practice. “Once you agree to take on your first pro bono case, you see just how much of an impact you have on people’s lives. Sometimes these clients can’t afford anything, and you are their lifeline. It may be unchartered waters for you, but Mr. Gonzalez and the team at SALSA support greatly. The resources are there. The work makes you feel good about making an impact, and ultimately you end up becoming a better attorney. In the upcoming months, I expect many members of our community to request SALSA’s assistance. Luckily, San Antonio is filled with great attorneys who will answer the call and volunteer.”

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