SALSA Veterans’ Legal Advice Clinic

SALSA’s Veterans’ Legal Advice Clinic is a collaborative effort with attorney and law student volunteers from all parts of San Antonio’s legal community. Each volunteer plays an integral part in the execution of the Veterans’ Legal Advice Clinic, and it is this collaboration that has helped one of SALSA’s oldest programs firmly establish itself as one that is deeply committed to serving veterans in Bexar County and surrounding counties.  


Although the location and model of the Veterans’ Legal Advice Clinic have changed over the years in response to changing community needs and public health concerns, San Antonio Legal Services Association (SALSA) strives to make the volunteer experience as smooth as possible. First, the veteran’s legal issue is screened by SALSA staff members, and they are qualified for services based on our income eligibility chart. The client is then enrolled in the next available legal clinic. Common legal topics seen at these clinics include expunction & non-disclosure assistance, consumer, housing, probate, military discharge upgrades, military benefits appeal questions, and family law issues. Volunteer attorneys meet with veterans at the clinic for an initial consultation. After the consultation, the volunteer attorney can refer the case for extended representation or let a SALSA staff member know the legal issue has been resolved and no further action is needed.  


SALSA hosts a monthly Veterans Legal Advice Clinic at the Veterans Outreach and Transition Center. This clinic is held on the second Friday of the month from 1pm – 4pm. Recently, to reach more veterans in need, SALSA has partnered with various San Antonio Public Library LEARN centers around the city to host a traveling Veterans’ Legal Advice Clinic. Our next traveling clinic will be held at Johnston Branch Library on March 22nd.  

The services provided at the Veteran’s Legal Advice Clinic have a significant impact on the Veteran community in Bexar County and its surrounding counties.  SALSA appreciates our volunteers who participate and help the process run smoothly so that we can continue to assist San Antonio’s veterans. 

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