Limited Effort, Limitless Impact

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make the biggest impact. When we list available cases on the SALSA website, not all of them are full-blown cases. Some of them are relatively simple changes to an existing case.

For example, we recently had a client seeking to change a single letter of her child’s first name on her guardianship documents. The incorrect spelling was preventing the client from updating the guardianship bond and getting proper ID, among other things. Additionally, the client spoke only Spanish, making it more difficult for her to get the desired outcome that she sought.

With the help of one of SALSA’s talented Spanish-speaking ad litem certified attorneys, this client received the help she needed in record time. For the attorney, the filing was straightforward and required minimum effort. However, for the client, having an advocate that she could communicate with who could help her reach her goal made all the difference. Because of the help she received, this client now has the ability to update the guardianship bond, get her child proper ID, and manage her child’s medical affairs. Thank you to the volunteers who take these cases — SALSA’s clients appreciate it!

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