Legal Advice Office Hours at the MAC

The Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland (the “MAC”) officially opens its brightly colored doors on October 2, 2022. Check out the MAC Introduction Video to learn more about this incredible community resource.

SALSA is excited to work with other organizations at the MAC, lovingly referred to as “MAC-ers” to serve MAC members – those with special needs who come to the MAC for a variety of services including medical services, social services, and legal services.

SALSA will host Wednesday Legal Advice Office Hours where MAC members may reserve a 30-minute session with a volunteer attorney to get advice about their legal issue. Legal issues that we expect to see most frequently at the advice office hours are public benefits, disability, guardianship, estate planning, probate, real estate, landlord/tenant, Medicaid waivers,and family law.

We book MAC Members with family law issues on Wednesday mornings, and MAC Members with other legal issues can book appointments either in the morning or afternoon each Wednesday. Our goal with these services is to provide Members with enough information to move forward with their legal issue. If we can refer a Member to a partner for further services, we are happy to make the referral. If the Member has a legal need that can be resolved through one of SALSA’s other programs or clinics, we are happy to help them access the more extensive services.

For volunteers, this is a quick and easy way to give back to the special needs community. Not only will you be making a positive impact on families who would not otherwise be able to afford an attorney, you’ll be part of the incredible synergy that the MAC affords families who are used to running into barriers at every turn.

Volunteer assistance will be limited to providing advice at the office hours, but if you’re interested in taking a case, please talk to the on-site SALSA staff member about extended representation options.

If you’re interested in volunteering for a morning OR afternoon legal advice office hours shift, please go to SALSA’s Events Calendar (  and choose a Wednesday that works for you!

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