Clarity, Communication, & Security

When Gwen* came to SALSA, she was under a great deal of stress. Following a series of marital problems with her spouse, she expressed a desire for a divorce. Her spouse punched a hole in the wall of Gwen’s home and threatened to take everything she had, including her house. 

When Gwen was preemptively served divorce papers, she had a lot of questions she needed answers to. With no family in the San Antonio area and two children from a previous marriage, Gwen needed to know if her home and belongings were truly at risk. She needed a sense of security.

The SALSA attorney walked Gwen through the divorce process hassle-free and she was relieved to discover her ex-spouse would not receive a dime from her. Throughout the case, Gwen’s SALSA attorney was able to help her navigate additional issues her ex-spouse brought up, like a joint car insurance agreement and potential tax filing problems. 

Her attorney’s communication throughout the process was refreshing and Gwen was able to allow her legal issues to take a back seat, knowing that her case was in good hands. Gwen’s divorce was finalized in quick fashion and Gwen received the sense of security she desperately needed during this stressful period.

*The client’s name has been changed to protect confidentiality.

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