Board Spotlight: Mary Brennan Stich

SALSA Summer Intern and St. Mary’s University Law Student, Caitlin Hennessy, interviewed SALSA’s new Board Vice-President, Mary Stich, and provides some wonderful insight into why SALSA is so fortunate to have Mary on our team.

Mary Brennan Stich is a prominent attorney, advocate, and mentor in the San Antonio community whom we are lucky to have serving as a board member at SALSA. Currently, Mary is the Deputy General Counsel for the San Antonio tech company Rackspace, but she has had numerous positions that have all had a powerful effect on the greater community. As a young girl, Mary came to San Antonio to attend both undergrad and law school at St. Mary’s University. Since graduation, Mary has served as the President of the Women’s Bar Association, a partner at Cox Smith (now Dykema), as well as the Associate Dean of Career Services and Alumni Relations at St. Mary’s University Law School.

Why Pro Bono Service Matters to Mary

As one of ten children, Mary grew up with a strong faith in God and a “pay it forward” mentality shaped her from a young age. She grew up learning to be a helper and team player, and displays a visible joy in elevating those around her. As a woman who has always had a strong support system, she recognizes the blessing of a robust network and actively works to create that “community of encouragers” for those she meets. One of the reasons Mary feels attorneys in particular should give back, is that unfortunately the justice system is a complicated and an expensive beast. Attorneys are uniquely skilled and equipped to navigate this system, and she believes those who have the knowledge, also have a duty to remove barriers and make justice more accessible, one client at a time.

Mary’s Impact at SALSA (and beyond)

Mary feels that SALSA is moving at an incredible trajectory that will only lead to more volunteerism among attorneys and the public. SALSA is on a mission to make serving the community through access to the legal system easier for all and she “could not be more proud of what we have achieved” over these last few years and especially during the pandemic (where Mary was instrumental in getting SALSA’s Wills for Healthcare Workers Program off the ground). This summer at SALSA, Mary has graciously taken a special interest in our summer interns. She has given presentations, met them for coffee, shared her story, and made herself available to them for any and all questions that come their way. Her interest in building the next generation of legal minds is infectious!

SALSA board members like Mary are integral to helping us complete our mission to serve the San Antonio community and beyond. Her lifelong commitment to service, passion for the law and for individuals, as well as the way she effortlessly commands a room is incredibly motivating. Mary is truly an inspiration to all of us and we are grateful for her voice and guidance as we continue to make our mark and help our community.

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