A Week Volunteering with SALSA’s Housing and Homelessness Program 

SALSA’s Housing and Homelessness Program hosted three St. Mary’s University School of Law students during Spring Break. A big “thank you!” to Kamara Alleyne, Audrey Dixon, and Eric Rabago for volunteering with us during their week off from school. Throughout the week, our law student volunteers observed, first-hand, the housing crisis, right here in San Antonio, and were exposed to the complicated and challenging circumstances that so many experiencing housing instability endure. Our law student volunteers also learned about laws that protect and empower tenants to make informed decisions about their options after receiving an eviction judgement. While tenants may not always have the best options available to them, the law student volunteers found that all tenants have at least one option—the right to appeal the judgement, which at a minimum allows the tenant a few additional days to decide what to do next as well as seek out housing resources.  

SALSA appreciates Kamara, Audrey, and Eric’s assistance at the Justice of the Peace Court and their enthusiasm to learn about housing issues and tenants’ rights. Below, you can find a recap from each of our law student volunteers about their experience volunteering with SALSA. 

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