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On behalf of the San Antonio Legal Services Association (SALSA), we look forward to having you volunteer with our program. We appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to volunteer and provide legal representation to indigent, vulnerable, and at-risk members of our community.  



You are welcome to use the forms and educational materials we have provided on this page. If you have questions or need additional assistance during your representation, to include assistance from a SALSA Mentor Attorney, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a SALSA staff member. 



Two training videos are provided below. The first video provides an overview of the SALSA Wills Clinic procedures. The second video provides substantive training on the clinic templates that are available at the bottom of this page. Please review both videos before you speak with your client. 


SALSA Wills Clinic Procedures Video

Clinic Templates Training Video



Pro bono clients sign a Limited Pro Bono Engagement Agreement. The Limited Pro Bono Engagement Agreement dictates the scope of your representation and is kept on file as proof of your relationship with SALSA so that you may be provided coverage under SALSA’s insurance policy. Representation should not extend beyond the scope set forth in the Pro Bono Engagement Agreement. If you would like to expand the scope of your representation, please contact a SALSA staff member to discuss the proposed modification. 



Please enable “track changes” in all your work so that the changes can be visible to the mentors at review. A Wills Mentor will be available once or twice a month at office hours to meet via zoom with you and your client. You must provide your drafts of the documents to a SALSA staff member not less than 72 hours prior to office hours so that drafts can be sent to the mentor for advance review. Office hours will be held in breakout rooms on Zoom. Mentors will be available to discuss the documents with you AND the client (family members of the client will not be allowed). Final documents must be reviewed by your mentor before they are sent to the client for execution.



We ask that you submit periodic status reports, which you’ll find located on SALSA’s main website (www.sa-lsa.org/reports). There are 3 different kinds of status reports: Initial Status Report (return within 5 days of client match), Status Report (periodically), and Case Closure Form (after final document submission to client). Status reports help SALSA keep track of each case file and ensure that you have everything you need to assist your client. If you are having trouble reaching a client, we are happy to help facilitate communication. Also, there have been occasions where the client’s estate plan is more complex than what is appropriate for this program. When we know that, we can assist you in referring the client. Our goal is to ensure that you have all you need to succeed. If you run into issues during representation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help! 



Execution instructions are provided below the clinic templates, along with instructions for the client  regarding proper storage of clinic documents. Because our client referrals are coming from partner organizations, most of our clients will be able to sign the documents at the partner organization. If a partner organization who made the referral does not have a brick and mortar location to provide notary services, the client must go to a FedEx with two disinterested witnesses to receive notary services. The client must take the Execution Instructions so that the notary has proper guidance. SALSA staff and trained SALSA volunteers are available to provide notary support if the notary has questions during document execution.  


Our goal is to provide you with the tools and support necessary to succeed in your representation of the client. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. 



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