Tenant owes about $3,275 in rent. She is on a month to month lease. There are major repair issues with the unit such as rodents present, wood rot, possibly mold. (Tenant claims that her daughter has developed respiratory complications and has visited doctor, who said it most likely due to mold). Client has not filed a CDC Declaration. Landlord has not given a formal notice to vacate. However, landlord has texted the tenant that if they do not hear from her by this Friday, that they will move forward with the proper eviction proceedings. Tenant has begun the Texas Rent Relief Program application but does not have an update regarding those funds yet. The tenants ideal goal would be to stay in the residence with improved conditions and repairs completed; or move to new location maybe in same area. (this may be a better alternative as a month to month lease is only as good for as long as the LL wants it to be and she may apply for rental assistance if she secures a new lease) The scope of representation would include reviewing her documents, corresponding with the landlord, maybe reaching an agreement, advice and assistance with her rent assistance applications if needed.

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